Our Services


Automatic Transmission Repair and Service
From regular maintenance aimed at keeping your transmission fluid clean to complete transmission rebuilds, our technicians have the expertise to fix all makes and models of your automatic transmission.

Manual Transmission Repair
Our manual transmission repair services include a holistic inspection of bands, throttle cables, torque converters, solenoids, switches and other parts that may be the reason for transmission difficulties.

Clutch Replacement
Whether your car is front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, or 4WD, Grays Transmissions has experience servicing all types of clutches. We provide superior repairs to your clutch disc, flywheel, pilot bearings and pressure plates as necessary to get your automobile back in working condition.

Slave Cylinders or Wheel Cylinders
This small cylindrical piece contains a piston that operates the brake shoes or pads in hydraulic brakes. You may need to replace your slave cylinders if the clutch pedal goes all the way to the floor, brake fluid leaks around the clutch pedal or you are unable to shift gears.


Clutch Master Cylinders
As a control device converting non-hydraulic pressure into hydraulic pressure, clutch master cylinders control the slave cylinders located at the other end of the hydraulic system. Crucial for the brake and clutch systems in your automobile, master cylinders should be diagnosed for malfunctions regularly and repaired by a professional.

4WD Transfer Case Rebuilds
Common signs that your transfer case may not be performing at the optimal level include: grinding noises and lubrication leaks. From basic transfer case maintenance to more extensive problems with your 4WD vehicle, Grays Transmissions Inc. will diagnose your problems and provide you will reliable repair work.

Factory Recommended Services
In order to extend the life of your vehicle, it is important that you follow the factory-recommended maintenance schedule according to the standards set by your automobile's make and model. These services should be maintained based on mileage and time intervals. Save money on your factory-recommended services by bringing your automobile to Grays Transmissions in San Angelo, TX.

Receive a brake system inspection for squealing or grinding brakes from Grays Transmissions. After we evaluate the system, we will determine whether your brake pads and brake shoes need replaced.